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Explore the transformative power of AI and innovation in the manufacturing sector through insights from industry leaders at our latest roundtable discussion. This event, hosted at Menzies in Woking, delves into the hurdles and solutions shaping the South East’s manufacturing growth.

Obviously it’s been very challenging post pandemic. I was interested to hear recently that shipping costs have been going through the roof again, past $3000 [per container]. We all know when it was nearly $12,000 a container, so it shows the relative state of affairs. We develop and design our own products, mainly for major brewers and it comes down to forecasting. That’s the key. Most companies are reasonably good at forecasting, which enables you to plan stock, stock holding, components and so on. But also take into account the long lead times on some raw materials, and form better partnerships with suppliers and customers. Getting as close to them as possible in order to ensure that we all have continuity of supply, that can withstand unplanned events.


Hear from experts like Alan Edmonds of SI Protech (UK) Ltd on supply chain resilience, Nicci Clark of Reon navigating shipping challenges, and Charlotte Langdon of Menzies on the revolutionary potential of digital twinning. Discover how these advancements are poised to drive the industry forward and why it’s critical to support manufacturing for future economic prosperity. 

Read the full article for an in-depth look at the key takeaways from our manufacturing panel.

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